This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Chloroflexi Garrity and Holt 2001
Anaerolineae Yamada et al. 2006
Aggregatilineales Nakahara et al. 2019
Anaerolinaeles Yamada et al. 2006
Ardenticatenia Kawaichi et al. 2013
Ardenticatenales Kawaichi et al. 2013
Caldilineae Yamada et al. 2006
Caldilineales Yamada et al. 2006
Chloroflexia Gupta et al. 2013
Chloroflexales Gupta et al. 2013
Herpetosiphonales Gupta et al. 2013
Kallotenuales Cole et al. 2013
Dehalococcoidia Loffler et al. 2013
Dehalococcoidales Löffler et al. 2013
Ktedonobacteria Cavaletti et al. 2007
Ktedonobacterales Cavaletti et al. 2007
Thermogemmatisporales Yabe et al. 2011
Thermoflexia Dodsworth et al. 2014
Thermoflexales Dodsworth et al. 2014
Thermomicrobia Garrity and Holt 2002
Sphaerobacterales Stackebrandt et al. 1997
Thermomicrobiales Garrity and Holt 2002
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